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Malard mushroom agro industry is a largest producer of fresh and can mushroom in Iran was founded in 1985. Old farm is located in Sarasiab, 10 kilometers from of south Karaj and 45 kilometers from west of Tehran. In the beginning company started with 26 growing rooms with 200 tons of mushroom per year. All procedures including pasteurization, conditioning, spawning used to be carried out in growing rooms itself (one phase). Within 9 years production increased to 3200 tons with enhanced number of rooms to 80. In 1989 new compost yard was built in Hesarshalpoosh 9 kilometers distance from south of Sarasiab. In 1999 with the help and cooperation of English advisers phase II compost in bulk was produced in 4 pasteurization tunnels (spigot floor) with 120 tons capacity each. In 2004 with purchasing a blocking machine from Alpi Italy, phase II compost in block was started for the first time in Iran. In 2006 another 2 pasteurization tunnels was made with sandwich panel. With 6 tunnels phase II compost increased to 35000 tons annually. Malard muhroom was first company started sealing phase II compost in block to other farms. Eight well equipped with full computerized controllers growing rooms was constructed with Dutch system in 2007. This was expanded to 16 large growing rooms and 6 bunkers and 12 tunnels in 2014. By this time Malard with producing:

65000 tones Phase II compost

708742 Liter Spawn

5500 tones  Fresh mushroom

65 tones can

Standing as the first standard mushroom producer in whole market of mushroom industry and brand leader of mushroom producers in Iran.

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قارچ ملارد,قارچ, malard mushroom

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